Final Equipment Pickup Saturday!!

This Saturday, July 26th from 9am to 12pm at Kenney Askew Park in Canton is the final Equipment Pickup date for the 2014 season. If you do not have your football equipment yet, you will need to attend this date. Please bring a COPY of the birth certificate and an equipment deposit check for $200

CYFA Day at Dicks this Saturday!!

This Saturday from 2pm to 6pm at Dick's Sporting Goods in Canton is CYFA Day. This means that you save 20% on almost everything in the store (Not Golf Clubs) in addition to any other coupons or Dick's money you already have.

Parent Orientation Presentation!!

If you missed the Parent Orientation this last Saturday, here is the powerpoint that was presented. Click Here to Download

Study Released on Football Player Safety!!

Here is a link to a great article that was just released on youth football player safety - some interesting findings. Study findings include:

  • Nearly 90 percent of youth players did not sustain an injury that resulted in missing a game or practice
  • Of the 22.4 percent of players who reported an injury, 70 percent returned to play the same day
  • Of the 11.9 percent of players who missed a game or practice because of injury, 60 percent returned to play within seven days
  • Bruises were the most common injuries (34 percent), followed by ligament sprains (16 percent)
  • 4.3 percent of players in the study sustained a concussion
  • Players were more likely to sustain an injury during games than in practices
  • No catastrophic head, neck or heat-related injuries were reported among the more than 4,000 players during the study‚Äôs two-year span


If you haven't done so yet, register now for football, sideline cheer, competition cheer, and football and sideline cheer camps!  (Late registration prices are in effect.)

July is a very busy month at CYFA!  We are still registering football players and cheerleaders, we have football equipment handouts, football and cheer camps, a cheer uniform fitting, parent orientation, and football practice begins!  Please read through this entire newsletter so you can know where you need to take your football player or cheer leader for their specific events.

Here are a few housekeeping items to remember.

Birth certificates are required to be turned in at each Football Equipment Handout and Cheer Uniform Fitting.

Only pre-registered football players and cheerleaders with copies (photocopies of certified copies) of their birth certificates in hand will be fitted with football equipment and for cheer uniforms!  NO CERTIFIED COPIES PLEASE! (These are copies we are required to keep on hand for a certain period of time with each year's records and then they are shredded.  We don't want to shred a certified copy that you have paid for.)

New this year:  Every CYFA athlete (football player and cheerleader) is required to have a Concussion Fact Sheet signed by the athlete and the parent on file with CYFA. Please make sure you print your child's name and public CCSD school they are zoned to attend legibly in the appropriate place on the form.  (If players or cheerleaders are homeschooled or attend private school, we need the name of the school they would attend if they were in public school.) Parents will retain a copy to refer back to if needed.

Equipment Deposit $200 per football player.
Please write a separate check for each football player.  (Checks ONLY please!)  Make checks payable to CYFA.  DO NOT DATE YOUR CHECK!  Write your football player's name and district in the memo section of your check.  These checks are not cashed, they are returned when you return your football player's equipment.  If the equipment is not returned at the end of the season, your check will be cashed.

Personally owned football Equipment:
Anyone who owns their own football equipment MUST bring their equipment (and football player) up to equipment day to have it checked or fit and safety by our CYFA staff.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Football Equipment Draw - @ Kenney Askew Park, 1080 Univeter Rd., Canton, GA 30115

NOTE:  For your child's safety, football players MUST be present in order to be fitted for equipment.  WE CANNOT FIT AN ABSENTEE CHILD.  Also, If you plan on getting your football player a haircut for the season or before school starts, but haven’t done so yet, please do so before his equipment handout.  This will affect the fit of the helmet.

CYFA Mobile and Android App!!

Access scores, standings, and schedules from your Iphone, Android, or Blackberry. The Android App is available in the Google Play Store - Just search under CYFA. The mobile site is at

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